Sep 2, 2013

Office Building

Now I know how to light exterior scene with HRDi and so I'd love doing it. This is another render showing HRDi lighting plus vray sun. The time simulates at 6pm Philippine time. Using Vray dome and HRDi map the scene will be illuminated diffusely unlike if you just use sun alone. This is also tricky when you put the sun this must be the same location as to where the sun in the HRDi map is located otherwise your lighting and shadows will be incorrect.  Second, the vray sun and vray dome light and HRDi  must be linked together so that when you rotate the dome light all will follow.

I have model the grass and flower and then use forest pack plugin to distribute it and also the trees. It will create a proxy so no matter how many instances in the scene it will not consume of your RAM.

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