Mar 15, 2013

I got a model

I got a model from Project Pinocchio. It is completely rigged, fully textured and unwrapped UVW.  We have a project that needs a character model to make different poses.  So what we did is to search a free model on the net with fully rigged ready to be animated for the pose.  At least I got one for free, after three weeks the project has finished.

A day after we finished the project I came across with Project Pinocchio in Autodesk.  Here I can create my own model, although it is already baked but what I can to is to customize the look and appearance like size of the boobs, size of the body, skin tone, hair color, dress etc.  And what is far more useful is that, it is fully rigged, so no worry about putting bones and controllers.

Honestly, I really don’t know rigging. Rigging is putting bones in your 3d model character in order that this model would be useful for animation.  If there are no bones in it the 3d model character has no use.   I hope I have time to teach myself rigging.  I wonder why, only this time project Pinocchio comes out, where were you when I was looking you? as the saying goes.  Well at least, I got few rigged characters for the next future projects.

For more info about Project Pinocchio click here.

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