Feb 2, 2013

Carving in 3D Max, Arm Chair

This is my first time I have made a carving in 3D Studio Max. I choose this chair after search so it gives me a challenge how to do it. First I started with low-poly modeling then applied a turbo smooth. The difficult part of this modeling is not doing the carve but when Unwrapping UVW for the right texture in right direction.


  1. As regards to presentation 3D MAX presentation is ok but for industry important is manufacturing drawing or you can say all parts drawings along with operational detail.if you can manage that then it will be an edge to you in industry.if you need any help let me know.

  2. Yes, that is right. This is only for presentation. Aside from this we make a shop drawings, a detail of everything, parts drawing or route sheets and schematic drawing, then after approval we proceed to sample making.