Aug 3, 2012

3D Max and VRay Blend Material Tutorial

I would like to share with you about Vray Blend Material (VRayBlendMtl).  This material is very useful if you want two or more colors to blend.  Don’t worry this tutorial is very simple

 Step 1. First Create a teapot from Standard Primitives, then create a Chrome material as your base material in your VRayBlendMtl.  Apply this to your teapot.

Now in your first render.

Now you can see a chrome material without a blend yet.  We need to put a blend for that as the first coat.

Step 2. Create a rusty material for your first coat.  Instead of jpeg as bump map, we use Noise.

A rusty material to be used.

Now render the teapot.  Here is what we got.

Unless, this is what  you want, this is look fine.  But we need to filter some of it so that it will not show up.  The part which is pure black will be removed.

Here is our filter.

Step 3. Put that image above in the slot beside Rusty, the Blend amount. This is to filter out some rust.

Now here is the final render for the teapot.

Now you can see, that some of the rust in the upper part was removed and only at the bottom part has few rust.  That’s all.

Here are some samples of the VRayBlendMtl.