Apr 8, 2012

Project Sofa in 3Ds Max

This is the first time I model a tufted sofa in 3D studio max. It is not difficult but it is not also easy. Tufted Sofa is very difficult in Rhino in fact I never tried it yet. In Max, I spent  almost 16 hours on this with trial and error. Modeling like this, is tough but when you know what you're doing you'll be happy along the way.  And I'm happy finally I just finished it.

I started with low poly modeling. I created a profile on the right, then I use Bevel Profile to form a U-shape, after that in Edges sub-object level I use Connect to make divisions.  The tufted is just a beveled vertex with negative value to push it downward. Seam lines are just lines that connect the vertices and extrude it downward also. Everything that looks smooth is because of Turbosmooth modifier. The loose cushion seat has an FFD x3 modifier so that it would not to be flat. 

If you want to use this model you can PM your email address on my twitter account (the follow button on the right panel of this page).  This  file is in 3Ds Max 2009.

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