Jan 23, 2012

Project Sofa in Rhino

This is my first furniture in Rhino. I search a few references in the net then I make my own. At first, I thought it is difficult but after 3 hours I finally made it. As far as NURBS modeling is concern I feel at ease with Rhino even though it's almost a month since my first hands on in this software. This scene, I made my first rendering in Flamingo but it would look like a studio set-up so I try to render it using Vray for Rhino.  As we know Vray rendering engine is so powerful to mimic realistic images. Now, I feel it is easier to model in Rhino than in 3Ds Max. I am thinking that I will be making my complex future 3D models in Rhino then import it to 3Ds Max for realistic interior rendering.

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