Jan 28, 2012

Basic Compositing

A film will be beautiful if there is some kind of visual effects.  Visual effects means, our mind tells us that is not true but our eyes tell us different.  In other words, it deceived our senses. One of the VFX is the “Compositing”.  Compositing means, that there are two or many videos merge together to make an effect.  The key of compositing is to shoot  in green screen or blue screen and in post-production this color will be removed.  One of many examples shot in green is the making of Matrix wherein Neo and Smith are fighting on the edge of a rail in the train station.  The actors were shot differently in Studio with green background and another shot for the train station.

I have learned this idea from videocopilot.net which publishes VFX tutorials.  The actor was shot in green and the building was created in 3Ds Max. 

I used this footage from videocopilot and practice my own. This is a big challenge to every VFX and 3D artist, to merge a 3D into film, this includes proper lighting, texturing and rendering.  

Here is the video:

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