Nov 2, 2011

Create Multi Sub Object Material in 3D Max

This time I share with you how to use Multi/Sub Object material in 3Ds Max. There are so many uses for this kind of material.  For example you want to texture an object with different material and with different colors, like rubik cube, book or a bundle of dollars.  Sometimes this is also useful in making  texture of a wall, wherein the inner wall is different texture from the outside.  I am also using Vray Renderer on this. I use this because Vray can give more realistic rendering.  However, Mental Ray or other renderer will also work in Multi Sub object.

Now let's delve what this material can give to our rendering.

This exercise will teach you how to make a buddle of dollars using a Multi/Sub Object material.  There are three jpeg files that we are going to use here.  Front  and back of a 100 dollar and a bump for the sides.   For the bump map you can make it in photoshop or you can make it by cropping the side of a picture of a book.

Material files can be found here:  Front Dollar , Back dollar , Bundle , Bump


1.) Create a box with parameters shown in the picture.
Take note of the Length, Width and Height segments. This is important if we apply Wave and FFD modifier later on.

2.) Select the box, right click, convert it to editable poly.

3.) On the right pane, select polygon sub object.

4.) On the upper toolbar, change the selection tool from rectangular to circular, as shown in the image.

5.) Back on the right pane, check the Ignore backfacing.  This is important because when you select a polygon in front, top or left viewport the back side will not be selected.

6.) On the top viewport, select all the polygons. On the right pane, scroll down, find the Polygon Material IDs. Set ID to 1.

7.) Repeat process number 6 to the back of the box and Set 1D to 2.

8.)Repeat process number 6 to the side of the box and Set ID to3.  After  you have done for all sides, on the right pane, select the Editable Poly to get out in the polygon mode.

Now all sides of the box has been assigned an ID already.  Let's Make the material for this ID.

9.) Press M on the keyboard for material editor.

10.)As shown in the picture choose the Multi/Sub Object.

11.)Set the number ID to 3.  Since we only have 3 materials for the box so we limit to this number.

12.)Select the first slot for the Multi Sub Object then choose Vray Material and then choose bitmap and then locate your front dollar jpeg file.

If you want to go back to main Multi Sub Object level. Press the  L arrow (two times) above the bitmap button.

13.)Repeat process number 12 for the rest of the Multi Sub Object slots.

14.)Apply this material to your box.   Most often the material cannot be seen yet.  We need to apply UVW Map.

15.)Select the box, on the right pane, on Modifier List, select UVW.  Choose Box and uncheck Real World Map Size.

16) Apply Wave modifier. You need to rotate the gizmo if necessary as shown in the image.

17.)Apply the FFD 3x3x3, click control points then move a little bit.

Last we need to create the paper that bundle the money.

18.) Create a box as shown in the image.

19.) Right click, convert to Editable Poly, on the polygon mode, select the two polygons then delete it.

20.) Press M for the the material editor.  On the another slot of the material, choose Vray. On the diffuse choose your bitmap for the bundle.

21.) Apply UVW map to this box. This time use Cylindrical and uncheck the Real World Map Size.

22.) Align this to your money.  You can use move button.

Your Done.

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