Oct 1, 2011

Realistic 3D Rendering Tips

 By Nick S Martin   from http://ezinearticles.com/?Realistic-3D-Rendering-Tips&id=4027996

It's you - the artist.
Your background and your eye for detail. You can be a tech wizard but you still need to be able to make a decent composition. You need to be aware of the real world around you....because this is what we are trying emulate.

The number 1 tip I can give to any up and coming 3d rendering artist is:
To study life. It's that simple.

The only way you can create a photo-realistic 3d rendering is to study a real photo! Or better yet - study real life scenery. You need to pay specific attention to detail. The detail in the lighting, the textures, the form and structure. If you look at any great 3d architectural rendering you will be amazed at the detail in everything from the textures and materials to the lighting and background.

Study good architectural photography.
This will not only give you an endless source of inspiration for your 3d renderings but will help you to recognise good composition and lighting. You will learn about the point of interest and the rule of thirds. After all, the main purpose of an architectural visualisation is to visualise a building before it is built. Architectural visualisers are effectively virtual architectural photographers...except we have to build the building as well as photograph them!

Attention to Detail.
The primary reason why most 3d renderings don't look realistic is the attention to detail. You have to spend time on the details! You have to make sure your 3d modelling is spot on. Then your textures. You will need to add detail to your textures...how often in the real world do you see spotless concrete or tiled wood grain?! Never. Pay attention to your materials and what elements of the scene they are covering.

It won't happen over night but if you are enthusiastic and passionate enough... it will happen.

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