Oct 9, 2011

My Sister's House

This is a proposed residence to be built in Vista Grande, Santa Lucia Realty in Talisay City, Cebu. The lot area is 150 sq. meters, ground floor area is 66 sq meters and the second floor area is 90 sq meters. Master’s bedroom is located in the ground floor and three bedrooms in the second floor.  Master’s bedroom has its own T&B and there are other two T&B in the ground floor and another two T&B in the second floor.  Firewall is made in left and right to save the two meters setback.  This is own by Mr. and Mrs. Menorias.  The original concept design was made by my elder brother Jacy who is working in architectural firm.  Although, I am connected in furniture Export Company but still I can do architectural visualization.  And so this is my challenge to make the necessary architectural details and rendered perspective.  There are two scenes that I made, a day time and night time.  I made a night time render to see what is it look like at night.  One of the difficulty I encounter during the process was making a night scene. Rendering an exterior at night can be very tricky because you need to consider also the ambient light from sky.  I just made my observation that sky is not actually black at night but its gradient blue to magenta. 

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