Oct 6, 2011

Bedroom Walk-through

You can get more money in walk-through or fly-through animations because of its price. The market price is $30 to $50 per second and it depends on the complexity of the scene. You can really get big bucks but you will pay the price.

First, it will take time to render. If you have a common PC specifications like 2-core processor and 2 GB of RAM, a minimum time that 3D Max/Vray can render is only 12 minutes to 18 minutes per frame, with the optimized settings in Vray. And if it is a HDV/HDTV or high definition video, then it would take 30 frames in 1 second of animation because it runs on 29.97 fps, a standard frame rate in HD. And so, if the animation runs for 2 minutes then it has 3600 frames, now you get the idea how many minutes to render for 3600 frames with the ratio 1:18, 1 frame per 18 minutes.

Second, the complexity of the scene, if a client will give you to make a fly-through in a city, I think 1 year is not enough to finish the project to a single animator; even if he has 8-core processor, especially if the client is keen of deadline.  The solution of this is, this will be done in a team, where there is a modeler, a texturer, an animator, and a renderer.

Although city fly-through is a complex animation but it came from a basic one like animating a small room.

That's why I am keeping on practicing it. There are more things to be learned.

The video is a simple “bedroom walk-through” this is my second walk-through. This is very short because it takes more time to render and besides the room is small. It takes 15 minutes per frame to render in AMD Athlon X2 with 2G of RAM and consist of 200 plus frames. Maybe this rendering time is long because of many geometry in the scene. I suppose to make a longer walk-through but never found a reference yet, this is only my stock scene, and just for the sake of walk-through practice.

Next time I will be making a longer animation in large areas.

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