Sep 17, 2011

System Variables in AutoCAD

System variables control the entire settings of AutoCAD, although it is not directly known to users but its settings are very much important especially if you are making a template for future use.

To view system varialbes

1.)On command line type->setvar->enter
2.)type-> ? -> enter
3.)type-> * -> enter

You will see a hundreds of system varialbes. Don't worry to know everything and its use, but I will give you a few of them since these are most important.

System Varialbes its Value and Meaning

0- Retains text direction
1-Mirrors the text

PELLIPSE- Controls when you draw an ellipse. Normally an ellipse becomes spline after you explode.If you set its value to 1 it becomes polyline. (This is very useful in manufacturing industry that uses CNC machines, since CNC reads only polyline.

0-Retains as Ellipse
1-Converts to Polyline

DISPSILH- Controls display of silhouette curves of solid objects in Wireframe mode. Also controls whether mesh is drawn or suppressed when a solid object is hidden. (This is useful in printing or plotting.)


ZOOMFACTOR - Accepts an integer between 3 and 100 as valid values. The higher the number, the more incremental the change applied by each mouse-wheel's forward/backward movement.

SDI- Controls whether AutoCAD runs in single- or multiple-document interface. Helps third-party developers update applications to work smoothly with the AutoCAD multiple-drawing mode.

0-Turns on multiple-drawing interface.
1-Turns off multiple-drawing interface.
2-(Read-only) Multiple-drawing interface is disabled because AutoCAD has loaded an application that does not support multiple drawings. SDI setting 2 is not saved.

3-Read-only) Multiple-drawing interface is disabled because the user has set SDI to 1 and AutoCAD has loaded an application that does not support multiple drawings. (SDI was set to 1 before the application was loaded.) SDI setting 3 is not saved.

If SDI is set to 3, AutoCAD switches it back to 1 when the application that doesn't support multiple drawings is unloaded.

0-Outputs text as outlines
1-Outputs text as filled images

TEXTFILL- This will take effect on plotted drawings not on model.

Note: When you edit a system variable, this will directly saved to the Windows registry.

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