Sep 24, 2011

Create lamp shade material in 3D Max and Vray

I just observed that a lampshade has a property of translucency which means that light will pass through, but only diffusely, so that objects on the other side cannot be clearly distinguished.

Here is the steps how to setup in vray.  We will use vray2sidedMat.

1.)  Press M on keyboard. A material editor will come out.

2.) Select one of the slots there.  Choose vray2sidedMat.

3.)  Choose light grey for translucency.  Black value means it is not translucent while a white value is 100% translucent.  You have to experiment to this value for your choice.

4.) For front material choose vrayMtl, and choose your desired bitmap.  You need to add  UVW map in modifier list if necessary.

5.) Apply this to your lampshade.

6.) Put a vray light inside it.  Dome light is fitted for this kind of light.

Settings for the visual guide.

That's all.

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