Sep 17, 2011

Calculator in AutoCAD

This is not a tutorial but a list of functions for CAL command.

CAL Mathematical Functions

sin(angle) Calculates the sine of the angle
cos(angle) Calculates the cosine of the angle
tang(angle) Calculates the tangent of the angle
asin(real) Calculates the arc sine of the real number
acos(real) Calculates the arc cosine of the real number
atan(real) Calculates the arc tangent of the real number
ln(real) Calculates the natural log of the real number
exp(real) Calculates the natural exponent of the real number
exp10(real) Calculates the base-10 exponent of the real number
sqr(real) Calculates the square of the real number
sqrt(real) Calculates the square root of the real number
abs(real) Calculates the absolute value of the real number (the number not including its + or – sign), also used to calculate lengths
round(real) Rounds the number to its nearest integer
trunc(real) Truncates any decimal value leaving only the integer
r2d(angle) Converts radian angles to degrees
d2r(angle) Converts degree angles to radians
pi Returns the constant pi

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