Sep 22, 2011

Depth of Field in Vray Camera

Bokeh is one of many reasons why photographers like DLSR cameras because these kind of cameras offer this setting.  Bokeh comes from Japanese term “boke” which means blur quality. Bokeh simply means that part of an image is defocused or blurry and is a shallow depth of field.

The amount to which objects are all in focus at once is a function of depth of field. A shallow depth of field means that one plane is in focus and the other plane is blurry.  For example the foreground is in focus and the background is blurry or vise versa. This technique is  common in photography and even in movies. One of many reasons why this is use is to give emphasis on the important object.

In CG the same technique is applied, the difference is that the camera is computer graphics like Vray. But the settings in DLSR camera is simulated in Vray camera.  See the picture below, figure 1 shows all objects are in focus. Figure 2 shows that only the phone is in focus or the plane of the phone is in focused while the background is blurry.

 Figure 1, all are in focus

 Figure 2, only the phone is in focus.

Take note if you enter higher Subdivs(under Sampling rollout) value the more blurry the background but it takes more time to render. 

The settings below:



For the focus distance you have to move the distance of the camera using your mouse and put it to the object you want to focus.

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