Sep 28, 2011

Create Glass in 3D Max Rendered in Vray

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make a glass from scratch and rendered it out in Vray.  I assume that you have a basic knowledge on how to draw a spline in 3D Max.

1.) On command panel choose Spline then select line.  Draw a line in the Front viewport. You can refer image below how it is look like

 2.) After drawing a line, on the modifier panel on the left choose vertex level mode.  Back to Front viewport drag those verteces until to look like a shape of a glass.  Just do the same for water shape. 

3.) After making a shape move the water shape to the right by move command.

4.)  Select the glass shape, on modifier list, choose lathe. 

5.) After that you need to align the water and glass.    Follow the image number.  1. select the water. 2. press the align button. 3 click the glass.  Then choose center for the position

Now the water and glass are now aligned but the water is under the glass. 

7.) You need to move the water up.  Press Move button, select the Y gizmo then bring it up.

Now compare your work on the image below.

Here are the setting for the material on glass and water and wine. Water and glass have the same material.

For  wine material

For water material

Before final render here is for fine tuning to get reflection at back.  Check Reflect on back side.

That's all.

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